Breach of Contract

Breach of Contract

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The cornerstone of virtually every business transaction is the contract. Indeed, it is not possible to imagine any area of business and commercial law that is not founded upon the laws of contract. Whether you are purchasing or selling real estate, selling a business, hiring an employee or independent contractor, or investing in a business venture, there will likely be any number of contracts involved. When the contract has been properly drafted and meets all legal requisites, it carries the weight of the law behind it, and when the contract is breached, the party damaged by the violation is entitled to certain remedies under the law.


At the law office of Frank J. Monteleone, we have extensive experience in enforcing our clients’ contractual rights in a wide variety of commercial contexts, including, but not limited to, real estate contracts, the sale of goods, services contracts, employment and consulting agreements, commission agreements, sale of businesses, joint venture agreements, shareholder agreements, loan agreements and promissory notes. Depending on the nature of the contract, you may be entitled to a judgment requiring the other party to the contract to live up to its agreement (also known as specific performance), or to be compensated for the financial damage you suffer as a result of the breach. If you think you have breach of contract case, speak with an experienced attorney to discuss your options and potential remedies.


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Whether you need to enforce your contracts, or you have been sued in an action alleging you have violated your contractual obligations, astute legal counsel is essential to protecting your interests. With over twenty five years of experience in business and commercial law, we have the knowledge and the expertise to advise you regarding your available options, and to develop a plan for resolving your contract matter efficiently and effectively.

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